About Trash Skull

If you are reading these lines, it is probably because you want to know what we do, why we do it or simply discover who we are. With us, there’s no room for doubt, we’ll give ourselves up to you in complete transparency.


What our awesome
customers think

Our mission is to bring together free spirits who are aware of the value of life and who wish to live it to the fullest.

To do this, we have created this store entirely dedicated to the strong symbol of the skull and crossbones.

True coats of arms with your image, our products are a pledge of freedom of conscience and action in our modern society.

Deadly store ! The Amazon of the skull. Before I knew about this store I had a hard time finding products that fit me. Now when I’m looking for clothes, jewelry or anything else I come here. I have never been disappointed !”
Norman Weaver
Syracuse, NY


We work for a world in which everyone sets their own limits, where everyone assumes their choices without fear and in which it is finally possible to feel fully existing.

Our Story

“Being confronted with the biker/rocker world on a daily basis, I’ve always had trouble finding products and accessories that fit me.

It is to remedy this problem and help other people in my case that I founded Trash Skull in 2018.

Having become a reference in this universe, the skull store brings together more than 3600 enthusiasts within the faction.”



This phrase comes from Latin and means “remember that you will die”. It expresses the acceptance of our destiny and reflects a certain humility in the face of life’s trials.

These few words perfectly represent the state of mind of our brand, which can be found in each of the products in the store.

Would you like to find out quickly what we offer ? We heard your call ! Below you will find a button that will take you straight to the free spirits’ den !

Carefully selected suppliers

We cooperate only with professional suppliers all over the world.

We wish to offer skull products of the highest quality in the store.

This is why we work exclusively with artisans recognized for their expertise and the finesse of their work.

With us, there is no compromise : high standards come first and only the best products are retained on Trash Skull.