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Proudly assert your true nature and free yourself from the gaze of others at Trash Skull. True symbols of independence, our skull products will allow you to expose your lifestyle and your convictions with style.

Our Jewelry

Skull Rings

The centerpiece of any self-respecting rebel style, Skull Rings are more than just accessories. They represent the soul of those who wear them.

  • Macabre Sect Ring Steel

    Macabre Sect Ring (Steel)

  • Sale! Spartan Ring Steel

    Spartan Ring (Steel)

  • Skull And Crossbones Ring Silver

    Skull Engagement Ring (Silver)

  • Sale! Mexican Skull Ring Silver

    Mexican Skull Ring (Silver)


Skull Necklaces

skull necklaces

Worn close to the heart, Skull Necklaces are akin to relics for many bikers. These skull-shaped pendants symbolize humility in the face of life’s obstacles.

Skull Earrings

Looking for an original Skull Earring that will give your look a deadly twist ? Why not consider human skull earrings ? Hanging from your ears, they will never go unnoticed.

skull earring

Our Clothing

Skull Shirts

You have a rebellious soul ? So much the better ! Impose proudly your difference now thanks to our Skull Shirts ! A must have in your wardrobe if you are a real fan of the grim reaper’s deadly style.

  • Sale! Grim Reaper T-Shirt

    Grim Reaper T-Shirt

  • Skull Motorcycle T-Shirt

    Skull Motorcycle T-Shirt

  • Sale! Reaper T-Shirt

    Reaper T-Shirt

  • Zombie T-Shirt

    Zombie T-Shirt


Skull Hoodies

skull hoodies

Our Skull Hoodies collection allows you to keep warm while keeping a crazy style that looks like you. Many designs are available for the gothic, biker, and other skull fan communities. So it’s up to you to choose the pattern that will make you different from the average person.

Our Accessories

Skull Masks

Our Skull Masks protect in a total and crazy way. Today, with all these objects at hand, why wear a fashion accessory without any charm ? Go ahead and choose the one that seems the most terrible to you, hell doesn’t wait and the great reaper may come to deliver your package herself…

  • Horror Halloween Mask

    Horror Halloween Mask

  • Skeleton Mask Halloween

    Skeleton Mask Halloween

  • Fear Mask Halloween

    Fear Mask Halloween

  • Halloween Skull Mask

    Halloween Skull Mask


Skull Glasses

skull glass

Enjoy a relaxing moment while savoring a good drink. Our Skull Glasses are a must-have for alcohol lovers and will give a warm touch to this well-deserved break.

Our Decor

Skull Stickers

Do you want a Skull Sticker ? Whether it’s black and white or full of color, you can get one of these and become the king of the underworld. Fire has the power to repel people who want a monotonous and totally boring life.

  • Hipster Sticker

    Hipster Sticker

  • Sale! Ace Of Spades Sticker

    Ace Of Spades Sticker

  • Skull Hipster Sticker

    Skull Hipster Sticker

  • Skeleton Sticker

    Skeleton Sticker


Skull Lamps

skull lamp

Because lighting is one of the most essential elements of interior design when the dark hours are coming, Skull Lamps are essential to ensure a well-lit, friendly space that is harmonious with the style of the great reaper.


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5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“Too happy to have received my purchases. Top notch bracelets and skull rings. Thanks, keep up the good work!”
Fredrick T.
Freeport, IL
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“Well received the gift from my wife. Can’t wait to wear it this summer for our motorcycle rides ! Super satisfied that my wife is discovered this store”
Norman W.
Syracuse, NY
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“I bought this limited edition skull dress through the newsletter. It looks great on me. Can’t wait for the next good deals from this store.”
Mary S.
Walpole, MA

Skull Blogs

Best Skull Gifts

The Best Skull Gifts

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Meaning of the Ace of Spades Skull

Meaning of the Ace of Spades Skull

The Ace of Spades associated with the Death’s Head is a powerful symbol of strength and power. We reveal the meaning of this very popular tattoo!


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Founded by Anthony in 2018, Trash Skull’s ambition is to democratize the skull style in the world. Gathering more than 5200 loyal customers all over the world, the store has quickly established itself as the leader of this universe on the American market.

rebel skull reaper


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